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  • Intility Workplace Productivity

    A platform for increased productivity and collaboration

    Intility provides access to a comprehensive portfolio of Workplace Productivity services. The services are fully integrated with the primary platform of each company on Intility, and are supported by specialists 24/7/365.

    Managed Office 365

    Intility provides access to all services within Microsoft Office 365, pre-integrated with each company’s IT environment. Specifically, this allows for single sign-on to Office 365, automatic provisioning of services and licenses as well as dedicated point-to-point network connection with Intility Azure Express Route integration to Office 365.

    Intility’s specialists help companies to set up and utilize the services within Office 365. In addition, all end users get access to unlimited 24/7 support on all Office 365 services, by phone, chat or email.

    Cloud contact center services with Anywhere365

    Anywhere365 is a next generation switchboard service delivered as an integrated service with Skype for Business, tightly integrated with the company's other applications and services. 

    Telephony, CRM, e-mail, webchat and Facebook are just some of the channels that out of the box is integrated with the service. Inquiries are handled in Skype for Business, without the need for third-party applications or add-ons. With Anywhere365 you get a complete overview of all communications made with customers, partners and suppliers, regardless of the communication surface used in the enterprise.

    Enterprise Search with ViaWorks

    Enterprise Search is offered as a service on the Intility platform. The indexing and search service ViaWorks enables search and indices of text documents, images and many other files. Using this tool enables the company to make better and quicker decisions, increase productivity and eliminate duplicated work through increased visibility in documents and archives across departments. 

    ViaWorks gives employees quick and easy access to the latest and most up-to-date information they require. Intility’s in-house specialists in enterprise search utilise flexible APIs in ViaWorks to search for any information and present the search results anywhere. 

    Managed Sharepoint online

    Intility offers Managed SharePoint Online as a service and it is tightly integrated with every customer’s IT-environment on the Intility platform. The service includes, but is not limited to, development of document handling, project monitoring and the intranet, as well as continuous development and unlimited support to all customer’s end-users. SharePoint Online provides an integrated solution the company can use to increase co-operation, both internally and externally. 

    Managed Power BI

    Microsoft’s easy-to-use business intelligence solution which introduces a new generation of visualisation. Power BI enables users to import data from an array of sources, which is constantly being updated. Data can be collected from services in the public cloud, and from on-premise data sources. 

    Power BI tool can be used to connect, clean and filter data. The user can create dynamic and interactive reports which can be utilised for further analysis. The dashboard and interactive reports can be integrated in the company’s existing applications to allow for increased visibility and easier access to data. 

    Skype for Business with enterprise voice

    Intility delivers an enterprise grade telecommunications and collaboration service based on Microsoft Skype for Business. The solution is delivered as a service and is integrated with well-established operators such as Telenor, Telia, Twilio and Voxbone among others. Intility’s Skype for Business platform provides customers with the next generation telecommunication platform, including full dial-in and local rates across 50 countries. 

    Modern filestorage and sharing

    Intility provides customers with access to an extensive assortment of file storage and sharing services. All such services are already fully integrated with the IT-environment Intility’s customers currently operate in. Several of the services aim to fulfill different storage and sharing requirements and all customers are assisted by Intility’s in-house experts in order to select the best solution based on their needs. Use of any of these services also includes unlimited support to the customer’s end-users. 

    Managed Salesforce

    Intility offers Managed Salesforce as a service, and it is tightly integrated with the Intility platform. Salesforce is connected to the biggest CRM application store, which offers a great variety of services; from customised solutions to field service where integration is just a few clicks away. 

    Intility assists all customers in the process of clarifying solution requirements, configurations and training of end-users. Managed Salesforce offers companies single sign-on, license administration, as well as technical and functional support. 

    Managed Superoffice

    Intility offers Managed SuperOffice as a service. SuperOffice simplifies customer handling processes such as sales, ordering, customer service and smaller project handling. 

    Intility assists the company in deciding what their requirements are, what configurations are needed and training of end-users when the solution is up and running. Intility Managed SuperOffice ensures a smoother workday by allowing for single sign-on. All upgrades are performed by Intility.

    The service is available for on-premise installation in Intility's data centers and in SuperOffice’s own public cloud. 

    Managed Microsoft Dynamics CRM

    MS Dynamics CRM is a flexible CRM-system which allows for a great degree of customization and automation of processes. The service is integrated with Office 365, which creates a great workflow for the end-user, and it offers ready-to-use add-ons for, amongst others, Project Service and Field Service. 

    Intility assists all customers in the process of clarifying requirements, configurations and training of end-users. Intility Managed MS Dynamics CRM offers single sign-on, automatic licensing to new users, as well as technical and functional support. 

    The service is available for on-premise installation in Intility's data centers or in Microsoft Azure.