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  • Intility implements Casper Suite for improved Mac Management

    Published: 15.01.2015

    Starting 15. January 2015, all companies on the Intility Platform will get access to improved functionality for managing Apple devices. The new management solution is based on Casper Suite and is a part of the continuous development of Intility.

    Casper Suite offers enhanced functionality and security features for management of all types of Apple devices, i.e. Macs, Ipads and Iphones. It automates deployment and upgrades of software and applications, and gives users access to a self-service application portal. The portal provides users click-based access to pre-configured base and business applications.

    Casper Suite also enables tighter integration between Macs and the Intility Platform, and provides Technical Services access to new and improved tools for managing customer devices. By implementing Casper Suite Intility can offer its customers enhanced device security, in addition to better overview of users, licenses and devices. The solution offers automation of enrolment procedures for Macs and group policies for program distribution. New security functionality in terms of remote wipe and lock of devices, as well as setup of hard disk encryption policies, will also be available through Casper Suite.

    By integrating Casper Suite with Intility all customers will get new and upgraded functionality as an included part of the solution.