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  • The Intility platform is now updated with Actifio Copy Data Virtualization

    Published: 01.02.2015

    Starting Tuesday April 8 2015, all companies on the Intility Platform will receive a new and upgraded backup and replication functionality as an integrated part of their IT environment. The new functionality is based on Actifio's Golden Copy technology and made available as part of the ongoing development of Intility.

    Intility Backup & Replication ensures that customer data — from public services and dedicated server environments — is protected and available at any time. The service includes advanced technical solutions that reduce downtime due to restore & backup to a minimum.

    The Actifio system makes a complete copy of the server and all its data upon implementation of the service, with the server duplicate stored on a separate backup cluster. After that, a complete backup of the system and file data ("snapshot") is completed, every night throughout the week. Each snapshot replaces the previous one and is deduplicated (identical data blocks are eliminated) and transferred to a designated separate deduplication cluster to safeguard changes. The deduplication cluster is mirrored to Intility's secondary redundant data centre and the backup solution implies that all customer data and change history are stored in four separate units at two different physical locations.

    Intility's backup solution has several benefits; i.a. servers can start up directly from the backup cluster. Intility’s backup and data security specialists carry out the mentioned processes, a highly certified team with in-depth knowledge of and competence in backup technology. If necessary, the customer can consult Intility's experts prior to changing the frequency of snapshots and extend the standard policy set to include monthly or yearly backup copying.