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  • intilian /ɪnˈtɪlɪˈɑːn/ (pl. -intilitians)

    1. Person belonging to the unique tribal culture of Intility
    2. Person who is hard-working, dedicated, sociable, interested in
      technology and enjoys helping colleagues and customers
    3. A key resource for producing and delivering the world's best IT solution

    Careers at Intility

    Intility is always on the lookout for resourceful and talented people who can contribute to further development of the company.

    As a recent graduate with a master’s degree in business, administration, IT or management you have the opportunity to join our Management Trainee Program. As a graduate with a bachelor's or master's degree within IT or technology, you may qualify for our Technical Trainee Program. If you have certificate of completed apprenticeship in ICT services or computer electronics, you are an attractive candidate for Technical Services or Workplace Technologies. As a new employee at Intility you will get guidance and training through Intility Academy. We also offer apprenticeships for students in ICT services and computer electronics.

    You will work with a quality service which you will be proud to represent. As an Intility employee you will be given much influence within a youthful, dynamic and casual working environment.

    Open application

    If you think Intility looks like an exciting employer, and if you have the expertise, experience and other qualities we need, you can send us a brief introduction letter along with your CV and any transcripts/grades using our online recruiting portal here.

    Our recruitment process

    Screening applicants

    An overall assessment of CV, application, diplomas and other qualification documents

    When applying for a job at Intility we will need the following documents: CV, application letter, diploma/certificate of completion from high school and any higher education as well all relevant authorisations and proof of qualification. This is in order to make an overall assessment of your profile.

    The application letter gives you the opportunity to tell us (1) Why you are motivated for a job at Intility. (2) Why you are a suitable candidate for the position. We would like to hear about your interest in IT/technology. Remember that your CV and application letter are complementary documents.


    Potential candidates will participate in two or three interviews. Depending on the position you are applying for, you may be requested to complete personality-, skills- and ability tests and/or be asked to solve a case as a part of this process. You will meet many people working with us and will have a good basis to determine if Intility is the right place for you.

    We look forward to meeting you. Good luck!

    Intility is growing and many new skilled people will be recruited in the years ahead. We conduct a thorough recruitment process to ensure that our new employees match our organizational culture.

    Trainee at Intility

    Intility offers two trainee programs for graduates: Management Trainee and Technical Trainee. The Trainee Programs are part of our long-term commitment to maintain and develop expertise and competence as the basis for profitable growth, where  we search for new employees who want to take part in developing our company further. After completing the program right candidates are assigned to central positions to help shape the future of Intility.

    Management Trainee

    For our Management Trainee Program, we are looking for graduates with a master’s degree in e.g. business, administration, engineering or marketing.

    Technology is our core business, thus providing the best prerequisites to learn more about it. We do not require that you have a technical background in order to apply  for the Program. However, we wish that you bring a lot of curiosity and a  strong desire to learn more about technology.

    The Program has a duration of 18 months and will provide you with valuable experience from several areas and in-depth knowledge about the company. You will get the opportunity to make great impact in a growing company and experience a steep learning curve and strong professional development.

    Relevant candidates are result-oriented, inquisitive and motivated. You are good at solving practical problems and holistic reasoning. Flexibility, initiative and team player skills are highly valued.

    Technical Trainee 

    For our Technical Trainee Program, we are looking for graduates with a bachelor’s or master’s degree within IT or Technology. We seek candidates who want further professional development and have a desire to become a technical specialist.

    As a Technical Trainee, you will be a valued member of the Intility team from day one. Since technology is our core business, we have an extensive professional environment with specialized departments within many different disciplines, and we all work in-house. This means that you will be a part of an interdisciplinary environment in which you are surrounded by skilled colleagues who wish to share their knowledge with you.

    Throughout the Trainee period you will get thorough training in our systems and services. In addition, you will have the opportunity to take relevant courses and certifications. The purpose of the Program is that during an 18-month period  you will become well acquainted with our technical platform whilst building specialized expertise. 

    Apprentices at Intility

    We hire apprentices within ICT service and computer electronics, with startup in autumn (in conjunction with starting the school year). We look for technicians who have a genuine desire to get the best start in their IT careers.

    After completing the Training Program, you will be assigned a job in either Workplace Technologies or Technical Services. Here you will be treated as a peer among the other employees in the departments.

    Workplace Technologies is responsible for a complete management service for PCs, mobile devices, print and meeting rooms for over 25,000 users. This includes installation, configuration, operation, troubleshooting and onsite assistance. As an apprentice in Workplace Technologies, you will mainly work in the Setup Team with the installation of PCs. You will work in a dynamic environment and have a short way to senior resources and service owners, for quick help and steep learning curve for you.

    Technical Services aims for a high degree of solution and fast response time, thanks to our service-oriented technicians. As an apprentice at Technical Services you will face a variety of challenges and gain in-depth knowledge and skill in a wide range of technical aspects of IT. We have no first line support. All of our technicians are trained to take ownership of problems and errors and grasp the opportunity to solve unwanted situations. In this way, both you and the customer get happy. We call it passionate support!

    We are looking for people who are genuinely interested in learning new things, have good communications skills and who have solid technical foundation to build on.

    Intility as a workplace

    At Intility we all work in-house, which means you are surrounded by colleagues who wish to share their knowledge with you. We all work together to create something that is greater than the sum of the individual, and towards a common goal: To deliver the world's best technology platform.

    Learning curve

    Most people learn best by taking part in the action. With us, you will be given that opportunity right away as member of our team. We are good at cooperation; working close within a big, open landscape. This will provide you with the follow-up you need every day.

    We are small enough to retain a low threshold for contacting experts across disciplines and departments, and we are big enough to offer challenges and professional development.

    Intility Academy

    The Intility Academy is the course- and training program for Intility employees. Through our introduction program, you will receive thorough training in our systems and services during your first phase as an employee. Training involves a combination of theory, practice, assignments and an introduction to our various departments. You will also get to know the other new employees starting the program when you do. This will prepare you well for grappling with the exciting tasks that await you at Intility.

    Become a part of a unique working environment

    It is  crucial to us that the employees thrive at work and with each other. We have  different training groups, such as a running group with professional trainer  and a football team. During the weekends you can go for a football match at Intility  Arena or to the mountains at one of our company cabins at Norefjell Ski and Spa  Resort. In addition, there are several social and professional events  throughout the year. Intility serves breakfast, lunch and afternoon food for  all employees. In addition, we make dinner for anyone who wants to take it home  to themselves and their family.

    Average  employee age at Intility is 28.

    Hans Olav Vogt Myklebust

    BackgroundMSc in Applied Physics and Mathematics (NTNU) 
    Employed at Intility since2017

    What do you do?     

    I work as a Data Scientist in our Data Science department. We have lots of different data sources that provide us with information on how users experience our platform. In order to deliver an even better experience for our customers, we want to gain insights into these data. As such, a big part of my job consists of processing, analyzing and visualizing data. 

    In addition, I explore new products related to Data Science that potentially could become a part of the Intility platform. Examples of this are RPA tools and our High Performance VDI that we want to offer to customers who want to engage in high performance computing with GPU.  

    Describe your "path" in Intility 

    I started as a Summer Intern in the Cloud Infrastructure department, where I analysed performance data from virtual machines in our data centres. When I returned to Intility after graduating, I started as a Data Scientist. 

    What is it like working at Intility?  

    There are many things that make Intility a great place to work. The fact that Intility is experiencing rapid growth allows for exciting opportunities, such as exploring new products and services that potentially can be offered to customers.  

    Being exposed to new technology makes my workday very interesting. My colleagues are highly skilled and more than willing to share their knowledge. This creates a good work environment and makes a great foundation for learning and getting to know great people.   

    Being exposed to new technologies makes my workday very exciting. My colleagues are highly skilled and more than willing to share their knowledge. 

    Linda Tran

    Bachelor’s degree in IT and information systems, University of Agder 
    Employed since

    What do you do?

    I work as a Developer in the Developer Services department. We maintain and develop new systems for our customers, as well as for internal use. In general, I work with both front-end and back-end development and use programming languages like C# and React. 

    Describe your typical day at Intility 

    A typical workday as a Developer at Intility varies from day to day. I usually work with one or more challenging projects which varies in size and number of developers involved.Typically, I spend a lot of time programming, but also in assisting colleagues solving problems with programming and automation. 

    What is the best part about working at Intility?

    The combination of a social and professional work environment makes Intility a great place to work. As a graduate, it was the perfect place to start my career as a developer. Intility encourages each individual to improve and develop within areas of interest, whether this is front-end or back-end programming. In addition, one gets the opportunity to attend relevant conferences to expand both knowledge and skills.  

    The social environment at Intility is great, making it easy to reach out and talk to colleagues. Being part of a company experiencing rapid growth is a great feeling and something I am proud of. Ever since I started, I have been looking forward to every day at work.    

    The combination of a social and professional work environment makes Intility a great place to work. As a graduate, it was the perfect place to start my career as a developer.

    Mia Færøvik Johannessen

    BackgroundMSc in Economics and Business Administration, NHH Norwegian School of Economics
    Employed at Intility since2014

    What do you do?    

    I am head of the department for Security Operations Center. The responsibility of our department is to handle security incidents and minimize the likelihood that either Intility or any of our customers become victims of cyberattacks. As head of the department my tasks are varied and no days are alike. A lot of what I do is about facilitating for our technical resources so they can do their job in the best way possible. I focus on the project responsibility for our internal processes through communication with other departments, customers and management. 

    It is very exciting times within the discipline of security, with a lot of development and rapid changes. That is why a genuine interest in learning and building competence is very important. In addition, people with similar background as me, is often responsible for communication with customers which in many cases do not have a detailed technical background.

    Describe your "path" in Intility    

    I started as a management trainee in the Finance department. My responsibilities were mainly controlling invoices, but I also cooperated with the Systems Development department regarding the development of our system for handling users and their accesses. I later moved on to Technical Services where I had a position as a Service Level Manager. As a Service Level Manager, I worked a lot on quality proofing our processes related to customer inquiries, and improvement of the case and information flow between Technical Services and other departments. In addition, I got to participate in the recruitment to the department and the development of internal systems. When the need for a similar position presented itself in the Operations Center I was given the responsibility.

    New and exciting challenges pops up in a company with rapid growth. If you are a person with determination, curiosity and the ability to adapt, the outlook for a career path in Intility is very good. 

    What is it like working at Intility? 

    Intility consists exclusively of nice and skilled people who are more than willing to share their knowledge and cooperate with others. This provides a very good work environment and makes it possible to experience a steep learning curve. Working with this many skilled people who all works towards developing and enhancing the same service, makes me proud to be a part of Intility.

    In a fast-growing company, new and exciting opportunities are constantly evolving. If you have the courage, curiosity and adaptability, this is a good starting point for a career in Intility.

    Daniel Sunde

    MSc in Network and System Administration, University of Oslo 
    Employed since

    What do you do?

    I work in the Network Services department, which is responsible for the network platform for our customers. This includes customers’ cloud-based network platform, integration with public cloud services, and broadband and local networks for each customer. To support and keep track of an ever-growing network, automation and programming have become very important tools. I am Technical Lead of the Automation team responsible for developing new tools for our technicians and operating platforms. 

    Describe your typical day at Intility 

    To help assist my team technically, it is important to have in-depth knowledge regarding systems and solutions that can be used to improve the product we deliver. Typically, a workday consists of studying and testing new products, as well as setting up and implementing various solutions. Collaboration across the organization is crucial as Intility builds a fully managed IT-platform. A great part of my responsibility is therefore to ensure good communication with other departments.   

    What is the best part about working at Intility?

    Building a world-leading platform together with young and talented colleagues, is the best part of working at Intility. Being able to work with the latest technology, as well as determining the further development of the platform is also very exciting.  

    Building a world-leading platform together with young and talented colleagues, is the best part of working at Intility. 

    Per Kristian Parken

    BackgroundCertificate of Apprenticeship in Computer Electronics
    Employed at Intility since2012

    What do you do?

    I work as a Technical Project Manager in the Digital Advisory department. My job consists of planning, coordinating and executing the transition for new customers moving from existing environment to the Intility platform. My role is to be the technical link in the project phase, which means the link between third-parties, internal technical resources at Intility and the customer.

    In addition, I make sure the different tools used by the customers is working optimally, by shaping the platform on which the customer is being migrated to. This could mean specification of servers, upgrades or security related tasks. Working at Intility is to me, my dream job. This is because of the balance between interacting with customers, and being challenged on a technical level.  

    Describe your "path" in Intility? 

    I started as a technical apprentice in Workplace Technologies the summer of 2012, where I mostly worked on client installation. Quite quickly I also moved on to enrolling mobile devices. In the winter of 2013 I was put in charge of setting up all servers at Intility and I worked on this exclusively for about one year. After this I took on responsibility as a team leader for our on-site-team. Later, I became technical leader for the same department and took on responsibility for the daily operation and management of all on-site and repair teams. The winter of 2015/2016 I started in my current role as Technical Project Manager in Digital Advisory.

    What is it like working at Intility?

    Intility has a very good work environment. Everyone focuses on helping each other so that we as a collective can function as good as possible. An example of this is the many presentations to familiarize ourselves with tools used by other departments. It is very helpful to always know what my colleagues are working on, to easier access the right information when needed. I have been looking forward to work, every day since I started at Intility. 

    The team spirit at Intility is great. Everyone is looking to support and assist each other and it is in everyone's interest to make sure we work together as well as possible.