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  • What is Intility?

    Intility is a cloud-based IT platform service that is used by over 500 companies. Intility provides access to a complete IT platform where specialized technical resources take a total responsibility for the IT environment to individual employees and for the company's mission-critical systems.

    Intility is continuously upgraded and includes a growing number of integrated cloud services such as Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft Azure, SoftLayer, AWS, Salesforce among others.

    Intility provides access to an extensive portfolio of pre-integrated office productivity services and solutions that are used in the effort to digitize and develop IT in companies’ core business.

    Intility for high availability and disaster recovery

    Intility is based on a high availability infrastructure that has been developed in collaboration with industry-leading server, network and storage technologies vendors. Intility is built across ISO certified data centers located in Norway. All business applications and data are at all times mirrored across a geo-redundant infrastructure.

    Intility also includes a complete solution for disaster recovery. This safeguard recovery of applications and data if a serious incident occurs.

    Intility provides access to virtual servers and services in Microsoft Azure, AWS and SoftLayer. Intility’s specialists are responsible for designing and safeguarding high availability and disaster recovery when customers’ specific business applications are established on these platforms.

    Intility for public cloud services

    Intility provides all companies running on the Intility platform access to a continuously growing number of public cloud services. Our in-house specialists are knowledgeable about all the public cloud service solutions we offer access to.

    In addition to this, the public cloud services are tightly integrated with the Intility platform. The integration enables functionalities such as single-sign on, automatic provisioning of user accounts, licensing and access control. It also enables increased stability, capacity and safety when using the public cloud, from company level down to the individual user.

    Intility’s services such as support, monitoring, security and compliance are all part of the service delivery, even for public cloud services. This ensure that every company on the Intility platform can easily access public cloud services and still maintain a high level of security, a seamless user experience and enjoy all the other benefits of being part of an integrated platform solution. 

    Intility for enterprise grade security

    The Intility platform embodies an industrialised security infrastructure, delivered as a service. Numerous security technologies are utilised to protect the Intility platform. This includes an extensive next-generation firewall service, URL filtering, DDoS-protection, enterprise backup & recovery, as well as advanced tools for operational intelligence.

    Intility’s data center platform is subject to strict security requirements and is certified according to ISO 27001, ISO 14001 and ISO 9001. This includes custom-built data center modules with 24/7/365 surveillance monitoring in regards to humidity, temperature, power, fire and leaks, own UPS centers with "infinite" power backup, EMP (Electromagnetic Pulse Protection) on all power cables and data / communication lines, strict access controls, video surveillance, physical security barriers and security personnel 24/7/365.

    Intility for 24/7 monitoring of applications and infrastructure

    Intility includes 24/7 monitoring of the IT environments for companies on Intility. Advanced tools for network monitoring, server monitoring, security monitoring, database monitoring, application monitoring and web services monitoring is operated and developed by in-house specialists.

    An industrialized approach to platform and application monitoring makes Intility able to identify several errors before they affect end users. Next generation application monitoring, based on synthetic end user surveillance, detects errors that were previously quite difficult to identify.

    Intility’s 24/7 incident management service ensures that monitoring alerts are identified around the clock and handled according to agreed response guarantees.

    Intility for control and monitoring of your IT environment

    Intility's customer portal and dashboard functionality give customer administrators a complete overview and management of their company's own IT environment. This includes i.a. automated user administration, complete inventory summaries for PCs, servers and network, tools for automated provisioning of users, applications and services, real-time infrastructure health status, and much more. Intility's portal services provide added insight and simplify the work of contact persons and individual users.

    Intility for proactive support

    Intility is developed with a focus on an efficient IT working day for each employee. This implies Single Point of Contact and unlimited support and support for all employees; in the office, from home or while traveling. Intility’s service desk has in-depth expertise on each user's IT environment and supports users across PCs, Macs, tablets and mobile phones.

    Specialization and professional development of Intility technicians contribute to efficient support and quick troubleshooting. The Intility service desk consists of more than 40 technicians, several of which possess special expertise in one or more disciplines.

    Intility provides next generation IT support based on advanced Big Data Analytics tools. This enables the support department to correct errors proactively and in many cases before it affects users.

    Intility for unlimited access to virtual server capacity

    All companies running on the Intility platform have click-based access to unlimited virtual server capacity for their specific applications and web services. Automated web interfaces configure servers, and consequently the capacity, in just minutes while still ensuring flexibility and scalability during system development. Intility’s virtual server platform is continuously running on the newest generation of CPU, memory, network and storage. Intility takes full responsibility by operating the virtual servers which means uptime guarantees for OS, databases and applications, where advanced tools for log analysis, capacity monitoring, database monitoring, and end-user monitoring is employed.

    The Intility platform also includes virtual server capacity on our partner platforms: Microsoft Azure, Softlayer and AWS. 

    Intility for information security and compliance

    In line with the technology development and new methods of utilization of information, higher demands for storage and security of sensitive information is increasing. Information security and compliance plays a central role in the delivery and development of Intility, hence this work is led by its own security department. 

    To ensure that Intility supplies and facilitates compliance according to regulatory requirements for information security across industries, annual independent audits and safety testing of Intility’s internal control environment and platform security are conducted. This work is documented and results in the issuance of an annual ISAE 3402 Type II attestation report, prepared by PwC. The report is part of the information security and compliance documentation that is made available to all companies on Intility.

    Intility for enterprise device management

    Intility includes a complete device management service for our customers’ PCs, MACs, tablets and mobile phones. This includes purchasing assistance, advisory services, installation and user setup for the mentioned devices, as well as repairs and warranty management should a problem occur. 

    Several advanced tools are used to ensure security, automatic provisioning of software and remote control of all devices that communicate with Intility platform. All devices are additionally installed with advanced tools for inventory control and software that analyzes machine data in real time. The Intility Device Management service includes continuous update of the operating system and other software such as Adobe, Java and Flash. This includes all security and functionality updates. All updates are thoroughly tested before they are rolled out to the devices.

    Intility for business applications

    Several thousand customer-specific business applications are currently running on Intility. The Intility platform and its related services ensure that the implementation, operation and documentation of all applications on Intility meet the highest of standards. Industrialised services for application and database monitoring along with advanced tools for Operational Intelligence provide enterprise-grade availability, performance and security for business applications. All dependencies and integrations between business applications are thoroughly documented in our systems and are complimentary features of Intility.

    In the event of an application error, Intility takes on the role of Single Point of Contact regardless of the type of error that occurs. Intility's application specialists have extensive knowledge and experience working with business applications, and work closely with a great number of the market's application providers and vendors.

    Intility for enterprise grade network

    Intility takes complete responsibility for the network platform for all our customers. This includes the customers cloud-based network platform, integration with public cloud services, as well as broadband and local networks for every customer, across all their offices. Every company that runs on Intility is part of a platform which includes automatic provisioning of the network, flexible scalability of network resources, network security and ready-to-go services for WiFi, LAN and WAN functionalities. 

    The network infrastructure we provide customers running on Intility is set up using advanced tools to ensure secure network monitoring. Intility deliver 24/7 monitoring of all malfunctions on the network, both centrally and locally. 

    Intility for guaranteed IT development

    Continuous upgrading of platform-based software is an included service for all companies on Intility. By ensuring planned maintenance and constant development of the platform, Intility customers avoid stale and low-performing IT infrastructure. This allows both Intility and our customers to make use of innovations and improvements included in new software versions, such as operating systems, productivity software, e-mail services and interoperability solutions.

    Intility for continuous platform updates

    Intility’s ready-to-use IT platform service is continuously upgraded with new tools and improved functionality. These upgrades are inclusive features of the Service available to all companies on Intility upon release. Intility has lately made several important service upgrades, such as the introduction of enhanced Firewall & Threat Prevention services, a new portal for resetting passwords for all users, implementation of log-based Operational Intelligence and much more.

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