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    A platform for digitalization of core business

    Intility Digital Business is a platform that includes tools and services to support developers and system owners in their efforts to develop IT in their own core business. The services are fully integrated with the primary IT platform of each company on Intility, and are supported by specialists 24/7/365.

    Virtual Machines for Mission Critical Systems

    With Intility, developers and system owners can provision virtual servers in minutes. Via self-service, virtual servers are configured and placement is selected; Select Windows or Linux. Select the Intility platform or external cloud services like Azure or AWS. Select monthly or hourly billing.

    From a growing gallery of software, everything from Microsoft SQL and Apache to Wordpress and Joomla can be selected.

    Depending on performance requirements, various configurations of CPU and memory can be selected. Storage is billed based on net consumption and I/O profile and storage technology is selected: Select Block, file or S3 compatible object storage.

    Splunk Big Data Log Analytics as a service

    Splunk Big Data Analytics provides useful insight in log data across all devices, applications, web services and networks. Machine-generated data allows the system owners and developers to access detailed information about anything from user behaviour and transactions to tracking individual computer performance. Intility’s in-house Splunk experts can provide both access and training in using the tool. 

    BankID as a service

    BankID is offered as a service on the Intility platform. This includes an already integrated BankID server, certificates and invoicing, as well as other necessary integrations. Through an API, developers can grant immediate access to BankID for identification and authentication for any of the service’s 3.5 million users. Since the solution is already integrated with Active Directory, it allows for quick access and admin control with respect to the distribution of the company’s digital services to customers and partners. 

    Intility for unlimited access to virtual server capacity

    All companies running on the Intility platform have click-based access to unlimited virtual server capacity for their specific applications and web services. Automated web interfaces configure servers, and consequently the capacity, in just minutes while still ensuring flexibility and scalability during system development. Intility’s virtual server platform is continuously running on the newest generation of CPU, memory, network and storage. Intility takes full responsibility by operating the virtual servers which means uptime guarantees for OS, databases and applications, where advanced tools for log analysis, capacity monitoring, database monitoring, and end-user monitoring is employed.

    The Intility platform also includes virtual server capacity on our partner platforms: Microsoft Azure, Softlayer and AWS. 

    Programmable messaging

    The Intility platform includes a comprehensive, ready-to-use messaging platform for developers and system owners who wish to expand their own web services and applications with messaging functionalities. Everything from SMS and MMS functionalities to in-app chat and notifications is possible. Intility delivers programmable messaging in co-operation with Twilio. Twilio is part of a new generation of cloud communication companies with a global platform. 

    Enterprise Data Management for application development

    Intility offers a complete data management solution based on copy data virtualisation in co-operation with Actifio. The solution is already live and is offered ‘as a service’ to all companies running on Intility. 

    Actifio is considered the next generation of back-up solutions and creates copies of data in seconds, which allows for faster development and testing. 

    Managed Azure

    Increased technical complexity and continuous developments can make it challenging to utilise services in Azure efficiently. This is why technical integration and administration of Azure is offered as a service to all of Intility’s customers. This includes, but is not limited to, an established Azure Express Route, automatic creation and administration of Azure tenants, automatic provisioning of licenses and services, Azure Active Directory management, close integration with on-premises Active Directory, 24/7 monitoring of company specific applications in Azure, as well as security and compliance. 

    Synthetic Application Monitoring

    Intility provides a comprehensive platform for detailed application monitoring. By using a combination of Microsoft Operations Manager with integrated web-consoles, system owners get a detailed overview of the real-time status of the company’s applications. By combination of application monitoring with Intility’s 24/7 incident management customers can achieve high uptime across their systems and web services. 

    Public WiFi as a service

    The use of networks with centralised control and advanced positioning technology enables new ways of integrating with customers and using business analytics in combination with geographic information. 

    The Intility platform offers ready-to-use technology for provisioning, controlling and positioning which simplifies the work involved with establishing such solutions. 

    Managed IoT

    Computer-to-computer networks, 24/7 monitoring, enterprise security and big data log analytics which allows for efficient use of IoT devices is installed for all customers running on Intility. 

    The service simplifies the process of reaching current and new customers with new digital services and devices, while at the same time specialised device management solutions ensure a high level of security and continuous status updates with regards to stability and capacity. 

    Digital Signage

    The Intility Platform provides a centralized and ready-to-use platform for distribution and management of content to all digital screens, all delivered as a service. The solution provides professional digital signage ranging from one to hundreds of screens, and is easily managed by an intuitive, web-based user interface. By combining the solution with computer-to-computer communication (C2C) and device management services, the service includes 24/7/365 monitoring and proactive support. 

    Web Application Delivery Controller

    The next generation of Application Delivery Controller is available on the Intility platform, with the added option of increased security, accessibility and capacity for web services. Servers can be activated and removed based on the company’s requirements which allows for maintenance work to be performed during daytime; this further allows developers to have the same working hours as their colleagues. Services are published securely online, with or without built-in Single Sign-On and Multi-Factor Authentification, alternatively based on BankID. Containers or full scale Delivery Controllers relieves back-end servers through SSL-offloading, as well as through acquisition of other OS tasks.